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Willis, age 22
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Every customer gets a personal dashboard, where you can manage your loan details 24/7. We make the whole procedure easy to understand by giving you all the details you need upfront, before you have made your final choice.
Think about the future and choose the right New Orleans loan now!
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New Orlean Attractions

American city with an European soul and Creole cuisine. Low and charming houses, narrow streets, number of squares and alleys filled with the charming cafes where you can sit down for a cup of an aromatic cappuccino and a French pastry and talk with the bartender about philosophy and art. And listen to music that is here as air is - simply everywhere. This is not Paris, Prague or Rome. This is magical New Orleans.
You just can't not love this city. Art and music is an every street, every square and in everybody’s soul. Everywhere you can meet artists, musicians, fairies, mimes, jugglers and other representatives of funny professions, entertaining tourists. New Orleans has a lot to offer if you just decide to visit it.
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New Orlean’s Mardi Gras
simple magic in not simple festival

Mardi Gras is about music, parades, picnics, floats and excitement. It's one big holiday in New Orleans! Mardi Gras is the biggest celebration the city of New Orleans hosts every year. This magnificent, costumed, beaded and feathered party is laced with tradition and is all about having a good time!
Carnival traditionally begins the 12th night after Christmas, also known as Epiphany. And about two weeks before Mardi Gras, the parading begins! Every year Carnival parade organizations — known as "krewes"— are deep into preparations for their annual parades, costume balls and parties. Mardi Gras is a time when the gaudy and the gorgeous all come together for one all-encompassing blowout.

From the regal to the ridiculous, New Orleans Mardi Gras has it all! But after all is said and done, Mardi Gras remains an event and a spirit that must be experienced to be understood. It's a mixture of centuries - old traditions and high-tech innovations. From the bawdy behavior of Bourbon Street to the family festival that Mardi Gras is everywhere else, the Carnival season in New Orleans truly defies description.

Local author Don Lee Keith said it by the best way: "In the truest sense, it is magic. But magic revealed is magic destroyed. And that is why the gods who made Mardi Gras dissolved the secret of that day in a chalice of mystery, leaving their creation forever without definition."

But if you've planned a visit to Louisiana but it doesn't coincide with the date of Mardi Gras? Well, too bad you'll miss the state's signature celebration, but you can still get a taste of the color and pageantry that accompany this spectacular annual extravaganza.

In New Orleans—the home of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations in North America—don't miss Mardi Gras World. This huge warehouse along the Mississippi River welcomes visitors for tours of the giant floats, figurines, costumes and Carnival decor used in the parades and Mardi Gras balls of the city's most famous Mardi Gras krewes. Take your time, the scenes are breathtaking.
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New Orleans Area Plantations
a little bit of history

They were once the mainstays of a regional agrarian economy, as well as the bastions of a genteel culture. Now they are major tourist attractions offering windows into a bygone past. They are the plantations, and in southern Louisiana there are a good number of them within easy driving distance of New Orleans.
All of this mansions has deep historic ties to the early colonization of the Southern United States. Most of plantations are open daily for tours and lunch, and also hosts private-events, including weddings and meetings, year round.

Choose a package of tours and save! There is SO much to see in New Orleans that this is the best way for you to take in the sites without giving away the bank. Come and enjoy their beauty and dream about their rich past!
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The Carousel Bar & Lounge
classic and elegant

The famous Carousel Bar & Lounge in Hotel Monteleone is a long-time favorite New Orleans hotspot. The classic New Orleans hotel bar is the city’s only revolving bar. For decades, it has lured guests in to take a spin on the 25-seat, bright, circus-clad Merry-Go-Round. Recently, Vogue Living named this bar one of the Top 20 Bars in the World, due in equal parts to their whimsical revolving carousel and comprehensive list of cocktails. Their cocktail menu has plenty of enticing options you must try!
Today, the famous Carousel Bar & Lounge is frequented by New Orleans locals and visitors alike. (You do not have to be a hotel guest to have a drink at the bar!) The Carousel Bar overlooks famed Royal Street, where guests can enjoy the best people watching in the French Quarter.

With its regular entertainment schedule of live New Orleans music and craft cocktail selection, this New Orleans hotel bar has become one of the most popular bars in the French Quarter. No visit to New Orleans would be complete without a ride on the Carousel Bar.
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Museum tour
learning does not have to be boring!

New Orleans is a delicious mix of cultures and traditions. Not only can you taste the influences of Creoles, Cajuns, Africans, of the French, Spanish, Italian, Irish and American in local foods, but you can see it in New Orleans’ architecture, hear it in New Orleans’ music and sense it in New Orleans’ people. Explore the cultures that transformed New Orleans into a cultural Mecca, America’s true melting pot, and the nation’s most international city.
Step into the city’s rich past at one of these historic New Orleans homes. Visit some of the nation’s oldest, still-standing examples of original French, Spanish and American architecture. Walk the plantations where some of New Orleans’ most important residents once dwelled and where many African slaves once worked. Experience the communities famous Jazz musicians grew up in. Learn the difference between a Creole cottage and a shotgun house. Discover and help preserve the unique character of New Orleans’ neighborhoods.

New Orleans reflects its deep historical roots in almost every aspect of the city, and a carriage ride through the picturesque French Quarter isn’t the only way to revisit its glory. For the best rides through history, visit one of these New Orleans institutions, each celebrating eminent events, lessons and experiences of days gone by that have shaped not only the city, but America as we know it today. For your next big family adventure, take your pick at one of these New Orleans Museums for children! From 3D and 4D theatre experiences to hands on encounters with sharks, elephants and yes, even friendly mosquitoes, to piloting a towboat down the Mighty Mississippi at the Louisiana Children’s Museum or Swing dancing at the National World War II Museum, New Orleans has something for all curious kids and grown-ups to learn and enjoy.

See? This is a place for everybody!
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Audubon Zoo
Let the good times roll

Audubon Zoo is a New Orleans landmark and a living museum filled with some of the rarest and most beautiful creatures of nature. Animal favorites include elephants Jean and Panya, the Komodo dragon and the white tiger brothers from California, named King Rex and King Zulu. But also look for bears, monkeys, snakes, orangutans, elks and more exotic animals than you can imagine!
Audubon Zoo is 58 acres of animals in their natural habitats. The Zoo consistently ranks among this country’s best. Visitors are enchanted to find a unique wildlife haven full of New Orleans flavor, impressive 100-year old oak trees and a cast of animal characters. Animal favorites include elephants Jean and Panya, the Komodo dragon and the white tiger brothers from California, named King Rex and King Zulu. But do not forget to look for bears, monkeys, snakes, orangutans, elks and more exotic animals than you can imagine!

At the Audubon Zoo, you can stroll through a real swamp right in the middle of uptown New Orleans. A Cajun houseboat on a lagoon full of 14-foot alligators faces a pair of playful black bears. A raccoon defies the laws of physics by snoozing on a narrow twig at the top of a tree.

At the baby animal nursery, naturalists show visitors baby nutria, explaining why that innocent-looking fuzzy creature is jeopardizing the very existence of the swamps.

Further on, the world-famous white alligators float in an exhibit constructed especially for them. Rocking chairs throughout the swamp exhibit invite visitors to slow down and take in the ambiance of the swamp. An air-conditioned restaurant provides a welcome venue for a sit-down snack and drink.
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French Market
buy some local goods

Similar to some European markets, this historically charming open-air market features shopping, dining, music and local tradition that is uniquely New Orleans. From Café du Monde near Jackson Square to the flea market at the end of Esplanade Avenue, the French Market includes five blocks of local produce, specialty art, handmade crafts, retail shopping and more.

In 1791, the French Market originated as a Native American trading post along the Mississippi River. From there it continued to evolve into a cultural and commercial hub for New Orleans, as French and Spanish colonists opened the market up to ships and traders from all over the world. Over the next three centuries, immigrants from Europe, Africa and the Caribbean began to open their own venues at this French Quarter market, offering everything from Italian butcheries to African coffee and Choctaw spices. Today the French Market has become one of the most popular destinations in the city. It is large variety of food stands, restaurants and outdoor dining spaces draw in hungry visitors for anything from small snacks to large meals and even packaged goods to take home as souvenirs.

In addition to the multitude of crafts, boutiques and specialty shops along the French Market, the Flea Market hosts merchants from all over the world. This endless strip of open-air vendors presents everything from t-shirts, to handmade jewelry, accessories and photography, representing a diverse community of New Orleans tradition and new creativity.

Located just parallel to the Mississippi River and right off Jackson Square, the French Market is within walking distance of any location in the French Quarter. You can take the St. Charles streetcar from Uptown, or the Canal St. streetcar from Mid-City and get off at Canal and Carondelet Street to walk a few blocks down to the river.
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